Social Action

Dating back to the historic Women’s Suffrage March in 1913, members of Delta Sigma Theta have remained actively involved in political activism and work tirelessly to educate the community on the legislative process.

On March 27, 2003, Delta Sigma Theta became a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with special consultative status at the United Nations. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is the first and one of only three African-American organizations with the NGO special consultative status with the United Nations. Delta Sigma Theta was granted Special Consultative Status as an NGO to the Economic and Social Council of the UN as a result of its volunteer services and humanitarian efforts performed to address issues throughout the world.

Though non-partisan in nature and purpose, Delta understands the importance of the need for an informed electorate. Delta’s concern for the public’s “need-to-know” and the enfranchisement of all Americans has been the philosophical basis for public service programs in this area. Voter registration and voter education programs,workshops and seminars highlighting elected public official assessment and accountability are ongoing and successful in the communities we serve.

Social Action promotes leadership, advocacy and empowerment among VFAC members to bring about effective outcomes.  The Social Action Committee, directed by National initiatives, works to assure that state and local issues are brought before the Chapter so that appropriate action can be taken systemically.

Every Delta is encouraged to become a voice, a presence and an advocate for the communities we serve. We are visible, we show up and show out!

It is our intention to make every member more knowledgeable on the local and national level so that each Delta will be an active and effective citizen.  As we inform members of social ills, we also help them to see Delta’s potential as positive change agents. We are living examples of those who take a just stand.